Russian collection company

Today everyone may face with a problem of debts’ recovery. A debtor could refuse to bring you back money despite of signing of a bill of debt, to render you some service, or you simply can become a victim of swindles. Companies faces with overdue accounts receivable, banks – with a problem of unreturned credits or untimely payment of an installment. Now a new sphere of debt collection appears - international debt collection.

It's much more effective to find a Russian collection company to collect a debt, which has appeared in Russia. You won't have to pay travel expences for employees of a collection agency, situated in your country. But not all collection agencies have specialists, who are ready to negotiate with foreign partners.

Nowadays the "RusBusinessActiv" company presents you a new kind of services - international ones. We have a strong foreign relations department. Its English-speaking specialists are always ready to help native or foreign individuals and companies to recover debts from their debtors, to advise them on the situation with debt collection in Russia, on Russian legislation, which settles this sphere, and so on.

The “RusBusinessActiv” company specializes on pre-trial recovery of debts and successfully works on the Russian collection market for 10 years. Our success is guaranteed by long-term experience, constant heightening of the level of our specialists’ skill, responsibility and interested motives of our employees.In all difficult situations our staff can find a compromise and always correct decision.

Though we specialize on a pre-trial recovery, if the situation, when it is not possible to solve a problem without the court, appears, our company can become an agent of our client in the court or during the executory process.

At the presents moment our company offers you a new service – the debt purchase. We buy debts of natural and juridical persons, including banks and insurance companies.

We are ready to discuss your case during a meeting in our office, by phone or by e-mail. We have wide scope of cooperation with foreign clients.

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